ACIG is pleased to provide its Automated Exchange System (AXS™) and the Reporting Distribution System (RDS™) to provide a web-based open exchange for loan participations and sales.  These products are directed at middle-market financial institutions that seek a loan sale process that enables market-driven prices and third-party administration of data aggregation and reporting.  The products have been embraced by the industry and the Company has the support of leading lenders throughout the country.

ACIG brings scalability and ease of administration to private-securitizations using a regulatory-friendly web-based platform.  The success provides liquidity, and access to high quality assets that otherwise have been trapped in silos created by the inefficient world of consultants and middlemen.

Working with ACIG has equipped our organization with key information at the right time in order to make important portfolio management decisions.
— – Illinois Credit Union League Joliet, IL